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Furious Barrels

Introducing the most accurate paintball barrel, the Furious Lotus Barrel! Furious Paintball now offers backs in bore sizes 679, 685, 689,693, and Autococker, X7/A5/BT threads, ion/impulse threads!

Furious Paintball is proud to announce the first of their unique, high quality performance paintball accessories with the introduction of the LOTUS barrel. A revolutionary innovation in paintball technology, the Furious LOTUS barrel is machined from carefully selected,high-grade aluminium alloy.

Each barrel is carefully honed by hand with a completely new, breakthrough porting design. This is truly and uniquely a hand made barrel. Honing is carried out by engineers who have more than 10 years of honing experience.This results in a glossy, mirror-like sheened bore for zero drag.

The real innovation is the science behind the style, selection and placements of the ports. While other barrels simply drill holes in the barrel, the Furious LOTUS barrel ports have been paintstakingly calculated to minimize ball breakage,maximizes accuracy, and saves air! Porting only begins after 8 inches of the barrel to achieve maximum air efficiency. The beginning 14 ports have angled grooves and the remaining 4 end ports are slighty larger compared to the rest. This makes the Furious LOTUS barrel the most complex designed barrel in the world.

With precision quality hard-annodizing, the Furious LOTUS barrel has the looks to match its performance. Awesome porting design is revolutionary and saves air while being able to shoot through breaks easily and quickly cleans.

To check out awesome reviews, head on over to http://www.pbnation.com/showthread.php?t=2802789 http://www.furiouspaintball.com

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