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{INSANITY} Get a Furious Barrel For FREE

{INSANITY} Get a Furious Barrel For FREE

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How would you like to get a Furious Paintball barrel for FREE?

Then read on to find out why 9 out of 10 players who have tried a Furious Paintball Barrel simply swear by it.

Discover why after shipping thousands of Furious barrels WORLDWIDE, there were only a handful of returns.

Pro teams such as Explicit, Vicious, Bad Karma, Desert Edge and many more recommend Furious barrels during professional competition use.

Dear  Paintball Player,

Seconds before the start of the game you are already visualising where you are going to lane those balls.

You know where the opposing side is running to and you are going to get at least one if not two players off the break.

Then it happens – whistle blows and your paintball marker whips up like a samurai sword and you start shooting Furiously.

You see your paintballs fly, but, in the wrong direction. Was it a paint mismatch? Were the balls too small? Was the paint not perfectly round?


You could have one of these Furious paintball barrels for free!

Oh dang! You missed the players totally. Even by a hair and the paint didn’t even get a change to hit them.

Game OVER.

Let’s change the story now.

You screw on your shiny Furious Barrel onto your paintball barrel. The perfect weight ratio makes your marker feel balanced and serene. Like you are one with the gun.


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